Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sealed with Everything But a Kiss

A couple of days ago our second layer of insulation was completed in the Grain Bin House and we are so thrilled with the results! Even though the top portal of the grain bin is still open, and the peaked roof on the second floor is not insulated yet, the added insulation has made the entire grain bin nearly soundproof. With all the windows and the one door closed you can not hear the wind outside (so when the tornadoes come we are blissfully ignorant) and there is virtually no air movement inside at all. Fresh air is easily obtained by opening one of our 7 windows.

R2D2 and 3CPO were
responsible for the power
needed to blow the cellulose into the
wall frames
Cellulose Insulation

Before Honneger Insulation applied the cellulose insulation (which went over the bright green thin layer of closed cell insulation that was sprayed directly on the inside metal walls of the bin a few weeks ago) they sprayed the joints between the wood wall frames and the wavy inner wall of the metal grain bin with foam insulation.

Then they nailed up sections of plywood over the framing to hold the insulation in place and allow for tight packing of the material. They removed the plywood and covered the cellulose insulation with a fine netting to keep the cellulose secure until the drywall goes up.

Grey on left is packed in cellulose after plywood support is removed
and before netting is attached to hold it secure before drywall
is attached,
The troublesome peaked ceiling will be insulated AFTER the dry wall is applied. The guys had hoped the netting would be strong enough to hold the insulation up in the rafters as it did on the main floors but it was not.
Failed netting attempt in ceiling rafters of second floor
So, that area will be insulated by attaching the drywall and then blowing in the cellulose through the opening up at the top of the roof peak. What has been amazing about this whole process is how much each worker we hire has been so committed to doing this unique project well. Everyone is fascinated, or at least pretends to be, by the challenges of dealing with round walls and they have all worked hard to come up with the best solutions.

My husband of course, being the most committed and hardest worker of all.


  1. Droids! I knew it! Honestly, Donna, I cannot wait for the book to come out. Then the documentary. Then the movie. Who will play you? Prince Farming? I'm sure the SyFy channel is just chomping at the bit. Seriously (moi?), you have been so fortunate to have such committed and determined tradesmen on this project. This thing could have gone south so bad... Hang in there. Move in date is just ahead. Hope you are not under all this rain we are having here in Ohio (light) or the Carolines (biblical).

    1. we did have some rain last night but by disconnecting the heat lamp over our broilers (they are pretty big) we were able to run yet another drop cord to the camper for a small electric heater. It was 42 degrees last night but a toasty 51 in the camper. We are surviving! Keiths headgear is part of our septic system BEFORE we installed it of course. As far as who shall play me in our movie? I suggest Kathy Bates. I love that chick!

    2. That was Keith at the end? Thought it was the benevolent overlord. *snark* Oh yes, Kathy Bates... woohahaha. Can you say "Misery".

    3. Yes I can. But I prefer "cockadoody" One of my most favorite words.

    Looks awesome Sis; SO SO happy for you.

  3. Do you have any pictures of the process for the windows? This is the one thing I am very worried about in building my own grain bin house.

  4. I'm curious - are grain bin houses becoming popular over there or are you being especially inventive with yours? Can't wait to see the finished house (and I bet you can't either!). Hats off to you x

  5. Hoping you made it into the GBH at the deadline. So cold here (28F this a.m.) and hope to gosh you are warm inside.

  6. Catching up on posts - too funny Keith.


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