Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Moo News


I'd like to thank the academy (blog follower Kris) for the post title. THANK YOU KRIS. Now onto my first edition of "Moo News."

Last fall you might recall we lost The Poor Farms  only milk cow, Polly to hardware disease. This was a bummer extraordinaire, but we replaced her in December with Holly. Named by our grandson Wesley, as we obtained her on Christmas eve, we had high hopes for her. Raised on another small farm we liked her because she was not too big and appeared healthy.

She remains healthy, spunky perhaps, spirited you might say, down right possessed by Beelzebub I submit. Treated kindly, given time to adjust, allowed to vent her feelings of loss and confusion, she has yet to give up her contankerous ways. Some days she stands well for milking, other days she kicks hard, some days she meanders into the milking shed all goodness and light, other days she breathes fire as she approaches. Because of her Sybil-like behavior, Keith has insisted only he will milk her and being a dutiful wife, I have obeyed this directive. (Like I would step foot in that she-wolf's pen anyway.)

For a few weeks we kept her separate from the other cattle but then thought maybe loneliness  was an issue. We introduced our young heifer Mucca (Italian for cow) into Holly's pasture and they are fast buddies but still, Holly is unpredictable. Some times when a visitor just walks near her pasture she'll approach them in a threatening, head tossing manner. Yet, she has her attributes. Her milk is fabulous and she demonstrates no signs of illness or pain. She also birthed a beautiful bull calf two months ago. And as I said, some days she is a gem, but last week when Keith came into the house with his shirt pocket ripped off from a flying hoof, he announced she would be heading to the locker for burger making as soon as Mucca delivered her first calf.

Thus, Holly has been warned, straighten up or straight to the grill, medium rare, you will go.

Holly and Runner-Up, Mucca


  1. Oh my, that Holly! Well named - hollys can be very very prickly. Just look at her in that first photo. She may be a cow, but her eyes, her stance. She's bullish for sure. That far gaze, fixed, intent. Dreaming of Pamploma. Yep. Mucca, honey, you're in like Flynn. And Holly ... think buns & BBQ.

    Moo news! Winner. :-D

    1. I know! Her stance says it all, which is why there are few pics of me in my entirely. I have the same "bullish"confirmation.

  2. Holly you better behave yourself, last warning young lady!

  3. Oh dear, I think it's bad when I have a cantankerous goat. And they're smaller than cows!

  4. B ack in the day, our 2 milking cows were 1 Friesian for milk volume and 1 Jersey for milk creaminess. The Jersey was a bad tempered bitch and would kick anyone including a young calf we were trying to get her to foster, he ended up with a broken jaw.
    The Friesian had a lovely temperament and would come when called , such a lovely girl and a rwaly good mum.


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