Monday, June 19, 2017

Clouds in My Coffee

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For years, when Carly Simon sang her song, "You're so Vain" I thought she was saying grounds in my coffee. That makes sense, right?  And I'd  sing it loudly that way, even though my sister Mary tried repeatedly to correct me, telling me it was clouds in my coffee. Turns out little sis was right.

Oh, you had me several years ago
When I was still naive
Well, you said that we made such a pretty pair
And that you would never leave
But you gave away the things you loved
And one of them was me
I had some dreams, they were clouds in my coffee
Clouds in my coffee, ...

Now, every time I see storm clouds in the sky, I hear this song, and my sister laughing at me. Which brings me to today's post about weather.  (You knew I'd get to the point eventually. Thanks for hanging in there.)

Weather. We are obsessed with it here. In fact, it is usually the first and last thing Keith and I talk to each other about each day. Even before I look out the window, I'll ask him what the forecast is. he'll tell me of rain predictions, heat indexes etc...We'll scoff at Accuweather, they are often wrong, but still our entire day is planned around the sky.

If it's going to get hot, we'll plan our outdoor projects for the morning hours and try to hide inside from the heat,  especially during the more brutal afternoons like we had last week. There we will do budgeting or bill paying, wash a dish or three.

If it's cool but dry, we skip all the indoor work and get as busy as we can outside. Right now we're focused on gardens and barn building.

If it's going to rain, we hustle to get livestock chores done, as pulling around hoses, carrying hay, slopping hogs, is  not so much fun in the mud and neither of us is keen about getting jolted by lightening.

Seems like we spend 80% of our day just looking at the sky. Like this afternoon when I was due to pick up a now thirteen year old granddaughter to take out for a birthday dinner. (It tugs at my heart that she is so old.) I checked the radar which hinted upcoming storms would go south, but the clouds said it was coming right at me.

So, do I try to get evening chores done early, while the world was still dry and be late picking up my GK? Or do I do them later and chance having to feed animals in the rain or hail or tornado or volcano?  Seriously, look at those clouds!  I decided later, I hate rushing through chores anyway.

On the way, a brief 12 mile trip, I noted deluges of rain hitting south of me. I loved how it was dropping in big bands.

On the way home the clouds were north. When I got back to The Poor Farm about 8:30, a lovely rainbow and enough light to get my work done. Not a drop of rain.

Really? What was I worried about?

And once again, Happy 13th birthday to our GK Allana Marie. Five years old on the left checking my face for I don't know what, and her again last week checking out new baby ducks. We do so love her!


  1. That was a pretty ominous sky! Happy birthday to your granddaughter. Sweet picture of her and the duckling. And thank you, for now implanting that Carly Simon song in my brain for the rest of the morning!-Jenn

  2. I am with you all the way. I must win the award for weather apps on my phone. But even so it has been known to not have a cloud in the sky but when I walk out the door to see in the afternoon bingo rain! What's with that?
    To not have a cloud in the sky but when I walk out the door to see in the afternoon bingo rain! What's with that?

    A most happy birthday to the grand girl. Yes it is bittersweet my second oldest grand girl graduated from high school this year the first last year what is the world coming to?

    1. What is it about the GK's getting older that is, at least for me, so much harder? A reminder I guess that we grand parents are getting a bit closer to the exit ramp ourselves I suppose.

  3. Great photos Donna! :) I'm the same way, I start and end my day with the weather forecasts and plan my activities and chores around the sky. I ran out today during a quick pocket of sunshine to fix the chicken wire around "bean land". Otherwise it was on my list for "the next sunny day"...I scoff a little at the Weather Network myself. Today was rainy, ultra-humid and t-storms all day according to them. I'm sitting on the porch with a sweater on under mostly sunny skies and a wind that could knock the feather out of your cap. :)

    1. Rain, I do believe the weather channels are just messing with us. I hearby claim I am going to go one week without looking at weather forecasts. I'm going to look at the sky instead. I feel so rebellious today!

  4. I got up at 5 am this morning; half an hour earlier than usual. I can't sleep in this heat, and there are plenty of things to do whilst it's still reasonably cool. A couple of days ago I found my neighbour hoeing his potatoes at about 6.30 am.

    1. I wish we had some kind of night light out in the garden that doesn't draw bugs, because I could easily stay up until about 5 weeding. But I hate getting up at five. Not a morning person. No.

  5. We have two weather apps on our phones, one says it is going to rain in 6 minutes, the other says it is sunshiny and bright !
    Beautiful granddaughter, she takes her animal husbandry skills from you :)
    Rain or not today....

    1. Once while on our farm when she about three, she carried a caterpillar around with her until, it died. THEN she carried it home to her mother's and kept it another whole day. Even perched it on the edge of the tube while he mother bathed her. Now she owns pet rats! Yes, I take the blame.