Saturday, January 13, 2018

Mother Nature, A Schizophrenic Wench

Our round grain bin house in the near middle, old 1856 house to right

So I complained about the cold. My punishment? A bizarre heat wave followed by more bitter cold. You would think at age 58 I'd shut my gob.

Thursday evening it was 60 degrees F when I went outside to do evening chores. But we'd read the reports  and we knew evil was lurking behind those grey clouds on the horizon. Still I threw caution to the wind an on a January day I went out in just a t-shirt. Ten minutes later the temp starting dropping. I went back to the house for a light jacket. 

Ten minutes after that, the wind picked up and the temp dropped even more. I went back again and put a rain coat on over my jacket as dark clouds were creeping up quickly.

Ten minutes after the raincoat, it got so cold I needed a hat and gloves to finish watering the livestock.

Looking down our drive towards the north

Across our pastures and looking to the East.

Even the dogs, well especially the dogs, knew something was up and kept watching the sky.



In a matter of just 30 minutes the temperature dropped nearly 30 degrees and the wind went from 5 mph to gusts of 25 mph. By late that evening we were back in the low teens. The high that day (60 F) was eighty degrees higher than the lowest temp we had the week before which was -20F. 

Mother Nature you are indeed a schizophrenic wench. 


  1. Yesterday morning I went out with the dog for our usual early walk; it was fine. A little later in the day I went to pick some vegetables and my un-gloved hands were FROZEN. I do wish it would make its mind up; at least for a few hours!

    1. It is hard to plan ones discomfort levels isn't it?

  2. Oh my, I miss the prairie. Can't say I miss Illinois winters though. We're hunkering down for another couple of frozen days. Again. Donna, stay warm!

    1. We and the critters are indeed. ok. Tonight 5 inches of snow possible with sub zero nighttime temps all week then back up to balmy high 40's by Saturday again. The perfect combination for pneumonia for animals and humans alike. Arggghhhhh.

  3. We had the exact thing happen here and when the temperature swung there was a downpour. We were outside and I tucked the little guy under my arm like a kicking, screaming football and ran for the house. From 58 to low teens in one day. WTH?


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