Thursday, July 12, 2018

1868 House Demolition Continues

Officially day 6 of the 1868 house demolition and great progress is being made despite the return of the heat. 

With each hour passing more of the old houses' original structure is popping through. False ceilings, glued on walls, Styrofoam panels for insulation, plaster, paneling, and layers upon layers of wallpaper are stripped back. 

Room walls have been removed and floor lino and carpeting was stripped away. 

Thankfully the original tongue and groove wood floors seem in good shape and will be saved to build the loft floors and walls in our new (recycled) barn.  They've been covered for decades and are seeing the light for the first time since probably the 50's. 

A large amount of material is being sorted on the homes' back deck into piles for burning, piles for re-use, piles to take to the recycling centers for cash, piles to list on eBay.

Our middle son Jason was able to help for a few days, and Keith took several days vacation from his job this week to jump start the process.

As the history of the home is revealed in old window openings, and previous chimney shadows, it is obvious that this was once a solid (not fancy) farm home where children were raised and busy lives led. 

Yes, in some ways we do wonder if we could have saved the house, lived in it instead of building the grain bin house, but the horrible foundation, the crumbling roof, reminds us we would've invested nearly $80, 000 just to renovate it to safe standards. 

Instead, we'll honor its' past through re-use of as much of its bones as we possibly can. 


  1. this is really fascinating. i love that you can use those old floors. the old house continues to serve, just in a different way!

    1. I also love that a good portion of it will live on, which is why personally I'm a big believer in human organ donation. Hopefully my kidneys, liver, whatever, will be in as good of shape as these floors, if ever needed by someone else!

  2. I love that you are reusing the pieces. I hope you find something cool while doing it like an old toy in some walls, or coins beneath floor boards. "If these walls could talk" as the saying goes.

    What will you post on eBay? Just stuff like wood? Or anything small like doorknobs or things like that? I ask because I might want to check it out. Might be fun to have something from up there down here and used in some form.

  3. No great in the wall finds-yet. But still several rooms to go. I just started posting items from the house on eBay this am. Here is an old doorknob/hinge set I am very open to offers from loyal blog followers. :)

    Later, I'll be posting old wood for crafts, more metal hinges, various old farm tools, an old firkin wooden container, metal rug beaters, more ceramic knobs. Lots and lots over the next few weeks.

  4. It looks like a history is being revealed as well. Glad you will be able to reuse and/or recycle some materials.

  5. I'm glad you'll be reusing much of the old house, it will give a sense of history and belonging to your home :D


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