Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March, in like a lion.

Yesterday, the last day of February, was as crazy as the rest of the month. Too warm, too windy and too unpredictable. Tornado weather.

Usually that hits us here in Central Illinois towards April and May, but this whole winter has been off kilter with unstable and variable temps bringing ice storms, fog and most recently, temps so warm tulips are popping up two months early.

High winds started yesterday afternoon and tornado warnings began screaming across phones and radios around 5pm. An F3 (winds of 130-160 mph) hit the town of Ottawa about 30 miles north of us,  killing one person while causing loads of damage to the rest of the town. You can see that news report and more photos HERE.

We had minimal damage on the Poor Farm. Some of our feed buckets and barrels were tossed out in the fields, but the critters were all fine. Doing chores was a pain as I got far more hay blown back into my face and eyes than I managed to get into the hay feeders! Inside the grain bin I could hear the wind but the circular shape of our home greatly diminishes the noise. Sometimes we'll be sitting on the couch downstairs and not even realize the wind is blowing until we look out the window and see the trees being bashed about.

This is both a good thing and a worrisome thing. In our old farmhouse I tell just by the degree of window rattling how severe the storm was and whether or not I needed to round up four kids and a barn sour husband to get them all in the basement.

Now, the kids are grown and we have no basement. Oh well. I think the grain bin would do well in a tornado what with its super solid concrete foundation. Or,it might spin around a bit,but no worries, I
 always was  a girl who loved a good Tilt-O-Whirl ride.

In two days they're predicting snow and after that we'll probably experience a tsunami. No, we're not anywhere near any large bodies of water, but this winter's weather has been so out of sorts, nothing would surprise me.


  1. That photo reminded me off Fall Fair days and riding the tilt-a-whirl. Wouldn't do it now if you paid me! I'm glad you did not get hit by anything as destructive as a tornado! It is so odd that "in like a lion" for you means things like tornados, and for us it means snowstorms. -Jenn

    1. Well, normally it does mean snowstorms, but this year, nothing is normal. We are supposed to hit 70 degrees again on Monday when last night it was in the 20's!

  2. This winter has been so weird! I'm almost afraid to see what spring will bring.

  3. I am frustrated with Mother Nature right now- she apparently thought skipping winter was a great idea and now we are intot he tornado warnings, and sever weather watches...of which I hate and dread like having a tooth pulled every spring. I've been begging for a safe room for three years now...this may be my year if I have to do it myself!


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