Sunday, April 2, 2017

Milk House and Family Cemetery Updates

Well now, life is looking up. After months of frustrating issues here on The Poor Farm, we've had a bit of sunshine. Literally. All week it rained and now it's sunny.

In addition, I did "take my man out" to see the building we were interested in. It rained of course but we slogged through the field anyway. Measuring 42 by 46 feet it is a size that would work very well for us but alas, poor Yorick, it may be too big for our mover.

So we are considering:
     Looking for another mover with bigger equipment (in this situation size does matter).
     Looking for someone who can split the building in half and move it in two sections.
     Looking for a another building

We both liked this building though. It's sturdy, well made and with enough rust to fit in well with our "motif" we've got going on here. The inside is roomy enough to build a short loft, maybe 5 foot high which would give us additional storage room. The current floor is dirt so won't be hard to dislodge it. Inside the construction is strong and the wood trusses, beams and posts are in good shape. She has some external bangs and dings but all of us born in the 50's suffer the same.

I really like this old gal.  I'll let you know what we decide.

On the Family Cemetery Side...
     I received a call yesterday from our county coroner. I had called him first last fall when we started down this ashes to ashes road. Very nice man who had called IDPH (better him than me) and then spoke with several other coroners as well. His conclusion was this, "There is nothing precluding you from doing this." He did advise me to work with our county zoning office which I've been trying to do for months, still no answer from the man in charge of that department, and to be sure and register that particular piece of our property with the woman who records such. As he stated so adeptly, "You don't just want anyone digging you folks up."

Well, if I'm dead, I don't suppose I'll care, but if the grandkids are out playing in the yard...

Soon, Keith and I will mark off that area of our property and I will start looking for an antique metal fence to put around it, or we'll just use wood pallets. All depends on what kind of mood I'm in that day. These two examples below are on ebay. Love them both.

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