Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saponification Saturday

First and foremost a great big super huge THANK YOU to fellow blogger 1st Man of Two Men and a Little Farm who not only recently purchased soap from me, but was kind enough to blog about it. What an honor. For those of you not familiar with his blog please check it out, you'll be so glad you did, and tell him Donna from The Poor Farm sent you.

I think I get Green Stamps towards a set of Pyrex bowls or something if you do.

Back to this weeks soap, Winter Storm. Pure Lavender essential oil for scent in a bar colored with Indigo in varying layers. The base is made with Coconut, Olive, Castor and Sweet Almond oils along with a hefty hunk of Shea Butter for increased moisturizing.

Just like the other soaps I've made so far, this is a very limited batch, only 6 bars are available, and it's first come first serve. Only $5 for a large 5,5 oz bar plus shipping. If interested just email me at

And, for those of you who asked recently, yes, I'll be making some very specific Christmas soaps soon!


  1. Mmmmmmmm - looks good enough to eat!!! I also use olive, coconut & sweet almond oils these days but I'm very sensitive to scents so mine are fragrance free. I love the color though, I really, really love the color!!!

    1. Sharon, have you tried castor oil too? Makes great lather. And the scent thing, since I started using EO's I find I am very sensitive to non natural or man made scents. I love the color too as it keeps morphing, getting darker in the bottom layers. Love that Indigo!

    2. I have castor oil but I've used it for Body Butter & lip balms(exactly the same stuff depending on which fragrance/color you add) I made a batch, mixed in some mango extract & stuffed it into deodorant containers so it's easy to apply without getting it under the fingernails. Made great prezzies.

  2. I shall email you. It's time to start buying special Christmas gifts.



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