Monday, April 1, 2019

Good Riddance Winter

Finally, winter is moving on and with it, I hope the crap storm of bad and sad. My immediate family, our children and their families, are well but the periphery about all of us (friends of relatives and relatives of friends) was filled with cancer related deaths and serious medical issues. March came in like a lion and acted rudely all thirty-one days.

Today though it's better. Temperatures are creeping up, the sun was brilliant, I was able to hang up laundry and there are no funerals or visitations on my calendar. Gardens are being cleared of last falls debris and tomorrow we'll sow radishes, lettuces and peas. Hope springs eternal as the cliche' lovers might spout. 

Keith further lifted my spirits by installing some garden gates. The first one closes off our large main garden sitting west of the grain bin house a couple hundred feet. He  made the gate from an old hog panel I've been hanging onto for years because I loved the vintage red and yellow paint on it. He used vintage black hinges that HE has been hanging onto for years. Now that it is installed I may paint it white to match the white picket gate on our kitchen garden below. We shall see.

The smaller kitchen garden gate was a birthday gift to me from our son Colton last May. He built it, painted it and gave us all the hardware to hang it. Keith put in the posts a couple days ago and VOILA' I have the quaint garden gate I have always wanted. This summer we will build the rest of the picket fence from salvaged wood harvested form the 1868 house which is still under deconstruction. I love our cute little kitchen garden where I grow my herbs and salad veggies, plus numerous spirit lifting annuals.

What is everyone else doing to welcome spring and/or lift spirits? 

PS. I have no idea why Blogger is messing with my blog by highlighting words and corrupting my font. You get what you pay for eh?