Sunday, April 8, 2018

Totally Wired

In June, Keith and I will celebrate our 25th anniversary. A few years ago we discussed several options for this event and one was an Alaskan Cruise. I love water, he loves the wilds of nature, so it felt perfect. But plans don't always materialize, nor do large amounts of money for said plans . Life throws us curve balls. We learn to duck. We regroup.

Now, our greatly restructured plans involve a trip right here in our home state. Instead of traveling 3600 miles to see a few whales, we'll be motoring just 230 miles to Quincy Illinois on the Mississippi River, where we hope to see a few Catfish.

Compromises. We're getting good at them.

So what does this all have to do with a big spool of electrical wire? Plenty. When our good friend Jay heard of our change in anniversary plans, he wanted to fund the trip for us. Generous. He is so generous. But we could not with good conscious accept his offer. He said to us, "Then tell me what you do want or I'll end up getting you something you don't".

We came up with wire.

To finish our barn we need a south wall, a loft, walls for Keith's shop and electrical wire. Wire to run electricity to the barn and to my writing studio. And so, Jay bought us the wire as our 25th anniversary gift and we could not be happier.