Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Roof Over The Critter's Heads

I always think it's only been 3 or 4 or at the most 5 days since I last blogged, and I am always shocked that it's been far longer. Time buzzes by me faster than I used to drive when I was 16 and my dad the cop was chasing me down for stealing, borrowing the family Ford. Excellent times.

Keith's shop will be in the back right corner 

So since we chatted last Keith and our son Jason finished the roof of the new old barn. Keith then took a couple vacation days from work and got more of the walls constructed. Because the roof is constructed of new steel while the walls are all the mid-century steel from the machine shed we had torn down, the new old barn looks like an elderly gentleman with a brand new very shiny toupee.

In addition, Keith spread more limestone in the area which will be our livestock stalls. Thus our one horse, one cow, one steer and one heifer calf will soon be all snugged in for winter. Good thing since the temps dropped dramatically last night. Cold weather is here to stay I believe.

Yet to be done on the barn:
     Attach gutters to the roof.
     Finish south wall and all door trims
     Attach machinery sixed doors to East end
     Run electrical for lights and power in Keith's shop
     Build walls for milking stall, storage room and Keith's shop

And, that's enough to think about right now.

As long as this process has taken us, it's been rewarding to be able to see the barn from a distance. Inside it seems small, especially compared to our old barn in Chatsworth. But when compared to the other smaller buildings here on The Poor Farm, it reigns supreme.


  1. What a fabulous job, and it's HUGE too. Well done!

    1. It does look huge compared to our other dinky buildings but it is just one third the size of our old barn on our other farm. Still, it will work well for us. And thanks

  2. Wow, it looks great! And so huge! Well, compared to ours anyway, LOL. Dan's working on our barn roof as well, hoping to get everything under cover as soon as we can. Then walls, but I thing that will be as funds present themselves so I don't know if our girls will get to move in this winter or not. I like the idea of spreading limestone in the critter areas - crushed?

    1. Yes, it's crushed limestone and sure helps with drainage. We did get our animals moved into the barn a couple days ago and I'll post about that soon. It's a relief for them and us!

  3. Looking great! You must be so happy.


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