Friday, November 16, 2018

1868 House Reduced by Half

My husband.

Such a hard worker.

I so envy his ability to keep (literally) pounding away at this old house on our property. He has almost singlehandedly removed nearly 50% of this building and board by board recycled all that he could. He often works all morning on the house then works all evening at his off farm job. Fortunately he is home weekends.

The 1868 house in June

The 1868 house in November
Missing its south side

Although I help some with burning of trash and pick up duties, my main focus on this project has been in the sidelines. I do all the evening chores and some of the morning chores if he's strapped on time. I keep Keith well fed, well clothed and well hydrated. You know what they say; Behind every demo man stands a woman with fresh cinnamon rolls. Or something like that.

Now, that we've accepted the fact that Fall has been stolen from us and winter is here to stay, we're on our fifth snow already, the demo work will slow and the construction work in the barn will accelerate.

Last week Keith and son Jason started on a couple of the inside barn walls and closed in most of the south side which was open all last winter. This has cut down the wind inside the barn dramatically and makes a more comfortable place to work.

Living in a simultaneous destruction/construction zone is a challenge, especially with the freezing, snowing, melting and subsequent mudding of the property, but at least we have plenty of scrap wood to burn in our rocket mass stove. We expect a messy, chaotic and very cozy (inside) winter!

My writing studio at dusk last week


  1. If you were in Europe, that house would be totally restored and let to holiday makers. It seems that hardly a single country-dweller over here doesn't have a holiday let ot two! WE do NOT!

    1. One day, we'd like to rent out the grain bin to writers in a "retreat" sense and build another house on the property. First, we must buy more lotto tickets.

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  3. That's dedication for you! But the goal is to make the rest of the farm, productive (ie: barn/workshop) so there's reason to keep motivated! I personally like to have my hands busy, or I get into all sorts of trouble. ;)

    1. That word "productive" gets me in trouble sometimes, I have a tendency to measure the value of my day by number of task completed. As I age I am trying to enjoy just being still. It's not easy for me. I am often trouble bound myself.

  4. Keith is a good man. Congratulations to him on his work ethic and motivation! I'll have some cinnamon rolls please. :)

  5. You are doing your part by keeping Keith hydrated and fed and cinnamon buns seem like a good reward for his hard work. I agree with you that often I also measure my day by how much I've finished, and then realize that it's not at all necessary.


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